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Anonymous asked: Strawberry jam or Grape jelly?



Are we really talking about jam and jelly? Tumblr has be cautious


Tumblr actin up

Happy Birthday to me….22

More bills cunt….whoop *moonwalks*

I fucks with you all, even if we dont talk all the time, i dont care. Much love to you all👋

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Anonymous asked: what do you think of jcole in real life?


I love Jermaine Cole so much that, I actually don’t like acknowledging him by “J. Cole”, like if u walk up to him, I can’t say “Hey J. Cole,” it’s just not me. I’ll have to say “Cole” or something along the lines.

I love J’s music and it’s aggravates me when someone actuals doesn’t like him. The only thing I can think of is, “why?” Like how don’t they like him? Because every rap he spits isn’t about the next bitch or how much money he makes at his shows. That’s pathetic. And if that’s what Hip-Hop/Rap is coming too, I will gladly switch my ass over to another genre.

Overall to actually answer your question, Cole is amazing. He’s taken in real life(I hope so) and that only adds to the reasons why I love him. He’s able to still hold her down even through the bullshit and hoes and that’s respectable.

He got me through high school…

"I Don’t date dark skinned people"



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